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XS Reimbursement Insurance

“Help your taxi clients get on board with Excess Protection cover – the low cost way to make their insurance cover give better protection.”

For the single vehicle owner, an accident not only puts their ability to earn at risk, but could be a major problem if they can’t afford to cover the shortfall when their Taxi policy pays out. If they have an excess of £250 or £500 that’s a lot of money to find either to complete repairs or fund a new vehicle. They may simply not have it.

For a business running multiple vehicles, their bottom line is hit every time they have to make a claim. How it works Your client purchases Excess Protection insurance in addition to their Taxi insurance policy. Where the excess is very high, this is a common sense and low cost solution to ensuring that the funds will be available in the case of an accident. In discussion with your client, select the level of cover which works best for them.

For a claim to be valid the main policy must pay out and the claim must be greater than the excess amount. For example if your client chooses a i.e. £1000 excess, and the repairs came to £900, they will be liable to pay the £900. It is important that you explain to your clients that it is an excess reimbursement policy.  



• Drivers can be more confident knowing that the full amount of the claim will be repaid in the event of an accident

• Total cover for all incidents where cost of replacement or repair is higher than the excess

• Possibility of saving money by accepting a higher excess, leading to a lower premium


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